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Advisor Group Continues $65m Tech Upgrade With New Initiatives

But upgrades that change the price structure or open up new alternatives to make money are also powerful drivers. Speaking of that studio pc, it used to run my live video broadcast software smoothly. But over the years, as OS upgrades and software upgrades got extra complex, that after spry machine was not able to shoulder the load. I was doing the same stuff, however the hardware could not deal with it.

The re-division and mixture of labor result in individual jobs that embrace each deskilling features and skills-enhancing features . Supporters of the “upskilling thesis” consider that the abovementioned “deskilling” view applies solely to particular person labor processes and particular kinds of workers, and a spotlight must be given to the impression of automation on most kinds of staff. They advocated that automation technology can create new skilled jobs and “reskill” the affected staff .

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