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Any political speaker value his salt intends to sway voters. His purpose to do so can’t presumably rob him of his First Amendment rights, unless we are to reduce that nice assure of freedom to the safety of meaningless mouthings of ineffective speakers. As the historic background of this statute signifies, its goal was not merely to prevent the subversion of the integrity of the electoral course of.

In the movie The Fifth Element , as with The Jetsons, flying automobiles are the principle means of non-public transport. The manufacturing design for the film was developed by French comics creators Jean Giraud and Jean-Claude Mézières. Director Luc Besson had been impressed by Mézières’ guide The Circles of Power. For widespread adoption, as envisaged within the close to future, it is not going to be practicable for each driver to qualify as a pilot and the rigorous maintenance currently demanded for aircraft might be uneconomic.

Many prototypes have been built since the early twentieth century, using a variety of flight technologies. Most have been designed to take off and land conventionally using a runway, although VTOL projects are rising. None has yet been constructed in more than a handful of numbers. Of the three going public, Joby is the one one whose prototype is now flying. And each its rivals are facing questions over their know-how.

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