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At the identical time, it may possibly also achieve the financial objective of the production cycle . It then explores newer and sustainable upgrading technologies, corresponding to photosynthetic processes using algae, hydrogen-mediated microbial methods, electrochemical, bioelectrochemical, and cryogenic approaches. H2S removal with biofilters is also coated, in addition to removing of siloxanes through polymerization, peroxidation, biological degradation and gas-liquid absorption. The authors also totally consider issues of mass transfer limitation in biomethanation from waste fuel, biogas upgrading and life cycle evaluation of upgrading technologies, techno-economic aspects, challenges for upscaling, and future trends. It can also be helpful for entrepreneurs, consultants, and decision-makers in governmental agencies in the fields of sustainable power, environmental protection, greenhouse fuel emissions and local weather change, and strategic planning. Second, the mixing of digital technology and manufacturing processes has weakened the function of grassroots managers as “direct control” but strengthened the management technique of managers based mostly on digital know-how.

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