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High-performance liquid chromatography can produce a “fingerprint” chromatogram that identifies the key elements in an natural product and their relative proportions . The use of HPLC is not currently required but does appear on the packaging of some products and may in all probability be interpreted as a marker of quality. Some consultants feel that additionally it is protected to assume that herbal merchandise manufactured by one of many giant well-established pharmaceutical companies may also be of reasonable high quality.

As there is a rising demand for herbal pharmaceuticals, there is a must assure their high quality. Almost about 80% of the population is relying on the herbs for the therapy, cure, and prevention. So the completely different tools and methods should be implied to confirm and insure the required quality to be included into the herbal materials and products. There must be tips and/or norms framed for carrying out the quality management testing of the herbs that are nearly or equally strict as that of the synthetic pharmaceuticals. This will help to hold up the quality standards of the herbal pharmaceutical which is the difficult task and wish of the hour within the pharmaceutical research and quality assurance. In the mid-1990s, doctors at a clinic in Belgium treated 43 patients with end-stage kidney failure, requiring dialysis or transplant.

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