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Such activities might embody planning cable routes, designing communications methods, creating laptop networks or integrating them with communications gear and training others in systems maintenance. During the Nineteen Fifties, when the nationalist actions began to fight for the rights of the oppressed black majority, government launched the Posts and Telegraphs Act of 1954, which made telecommunications a state monopoly. This, together with different legal guidelines that dealt with the mainstream media, ensured that data was tightly managed. The Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs was made the only authority with the best to install and run telecommunications devices and networks in Rhodesia.

The transmitter and receiver at any station could additionally be combined right into a single device known as a transceiver. The medium of signal transmission can be by way of electrical wire or cable — also referred to as copper — optical fiber, electromagnetic fields or gentle. The free house transmission and reception of data by the use of electromagnetic fields known as wi-fi communications. Telecommunication companies, like other types of utilities, typically function with secure customer bases that are protected from competitors by authorities mandate.

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