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Reducing fertilizer use is a precedence within the quest for sustainable forestry systems. In brief rotation Eucalyptus plantations, NPK pellets are routinely added to the seedling’s prime soil layer at planting, doubtlessly resulting in elevated seedling mortality, nutrient loss and environmental degradation. To handle this triple problem, the event of environment friendly fertilization practices is essential. In the current work, we synthesized a crosslinked acrylic-cellulosic superabsorbent composite (SAPH-BAL) containing small quantities of particular vitamins integrated within the polymer matrix. We analyzed the composite’s chemical and rheological properties, and assessed the viability of Eucalyptus plantations equipped with it at planting. Physiological measurements confirmed the suitability of SAPH-BAL in greenhouse-grown potted seedlings subjected to completely different development situations, showing that it efficiently delivers vitamins while defending seedlings from drought stress.

Sir Dietrich Brandis is considered the father of tropical forestry, European ideas and practices had to be tailored in tropical and semi-arid climate zones. The improvement of plantation forestry was one of the solutions to the specific challenges within the tropical colonies. The enactment and evolution of forest legal guidelines and binding rules occurred in most Western nations within the 20th century in response to growing conservation considerations and the rising technological capability of logging companies.

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