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Plantation Farming

Typically, a forest was divided into specific sections and mapped; the harvest of timber was deliberate with an eye fixed to regeneration. As timber rafting allowed for connecting giant continental forests, as in south western Germany, through Main, Neckar, Danube and Rhine with the coastal cities and states, early trendy forestry and remote buying and selling had been carefully connected. Large firs within the black forest had been called „Holländer“, as they were traded to the Dutch ship yards. Large timber rafts on the Rhine were 200 to 400m in size, 40m in width and consisted of a number of thousand logs.

India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Liberia, Brazil, and so forth. have developed plantation agriculture. This agricultural system is a kind of export-oriented farming system with particular features on one crop. It is a huge well-organized inner infrastructure the place the main objective is to make maximum profit. This agricultural methodology isn’t only involved in crop production, but additionally within the processing, manufacturing, transportation, and export of manufactured products. That is, plantation agriculture exists in the marginal state of business and trade & .

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