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Pros and Cons of Custom Packaging Your Product

An essential component of a product’s marketing plan is the design of the custom box. The branding personality should come through in the design and leave a good initial impression. The website address, company logo, colors, and tagline should be included. The finished product should have a polished appearance. Avoid utilizing bold typefaces and colors. This article will show some advantages and disadvantages of custom packaging your product.

Customize Every Package Aspect

Another advantage of custom packaging is that it allows you to customize every package aspect. For example, you can choose the box’s color, shape, and printed design. You can even optimize the outer dimensions of the box for discount postage services. Alternatively, you can deal with a solution provider like Epic Packaging, who will manage the complete project, including the structural design and artwork, and offers the services. This will not only enable you to cut expenditures but also maximize them.

Promote your Product

Custom packaging is an excellent way to promote a product. As a result, consumers are more likely to purchase a custom packaging product. In addition, using a custom package makes your product feel more personal. It also increases the chances of it being shared on social media.

Custom packaging will create a connection with your customer and encourage repeat sales. Consumers will be more likely to recommend your products to friends and family. Custom packaging protects delicate or unique products during transport. A resealable bag will keep the contents fresh and prevent spills.

Custom packaging creates a memorable experience for your customers. Custom packaging also communicates your brand concept and vision to your customers, making your product stand out from the competition. It also protects your product from damage and tampering. It means more sales for your company. Custom packaging is also cost-effective, so it’s worth the investment.

Dropshipping Business Model

Custom packaging can make your dropshipping store more appealing to customers. They will spend more money on your products if you package them properly. In addition, it helps you focus on building your brand, not a reseller. Custom packaging is an essential part of a successful dropshipping business. The right packaging will not only protect the product inside but will also impress customers. As a result, many distributors will be happy to accept custom packaging. While this approach may require some upfront investment, the return on investment is much higher.

Improve Product Protection

It can improve product protection and enhance brand awareness. Custom packaging will fit your product better than standard boxes, reducing the need for additional protective packaging, which will help keep your products safe during shipment. Moreover, custom packaging can lower shipping costs.

It’s Easier to Find

Custom packaging is key to attracting buyers. While it used to be enough to advertise a product to get it sold, it is necessary to build brand awareness to increase sales. It can do this by allowing shoppers to more easily identify what your product is and where it can be purchased.

Custom packaging stands out in a world that is increasingly becoming a status quo. While you may remember the name of the sales executive and other details of your sales kit, it’s unlikely that people will remember your brand name if you don’t stand out from the crowd. In addition, without noticeable packaging, it can be difficult to get your message across and ensure that your product reaches its destination intact. Custom packaging can build a brand and attract customers. Plain boxes won’t attract attention; an eye-catching design will. Customers who see the box are more likely to buy the product.

Valuable Marketing Tool

Custom packaging is a valuable marketing tool, especially if you include your company’s name and logo on the box. It conveys a sense of professionalism and shows that you put extra effort into the packaging. Plus, it helps to reinforce your business in your customer’s minds. Custom packaging boxes are also useful for moving and storing. In some cases, they are even given away by customers as gifts.

Although custom packaging is a great way to create a unique and customized look for your products, there are also some disadvantages to custom packaging your product.

Take up Spaces

Custom packaging can take up several pallet spaces in your warehouse and may require a couple of weeks for production. In addition, custom packaging can cost more than a standardized product, which can be prohibitive for small businesses.

More Expensive than Stock Packaging

Custom packaging is more complex than stock packaging, as designing and manufacturing custom packaging requires a lot of planning and work. The process typically requires a prototype that must be approved before the actual production process can begin. This process also involves creating the necessary tools and set-up for the production process. As a result, the cost of custom packaging is higher, but it also provides higher customer service.

Custom packaging requires structural engineering and special tooling. This tooling serves as the DNA of the package, so it requires extensive planning. In addition, it requires a prototype to test the design before it is produced and tooling and production set-up. Because custom packaging requires more design time and specialized materials, it is more expensive than stock packaging.

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