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When we produce goods, we can not just put together generic “big pot dishes”; we also want to provide brand name products. To expand the manufacturing of high-quality model name products, enterprises in shut proximity to every other can work together supplied quality is guaranteed and good model names don’t turn into tarnished. Whereas revitalization has been proven to increase the attractiveness of the townscape and urban picture, this form of city redevelopment isn’t without social prices.

Two automated production lines have been launched in 2015, but the remaining 18 manufacturing traces nonetheless relied on guide assembly. The automated manufacturing line presently achieves a 65% automation fee. Each manufacturing line has more than forty robots, however 20–30 staff are nonetheless wanted to perform the auxiliary tasks that the robots cannot full. Its primary manufacturing process involves assembling and welding varied seat frame components, and welding is the core production process. Something as easy as the power-up time of a PC can mean the distinction between an worker powering up the unit to accomplish a couple of duties between conferences, or a couple of minutes of idle chatter.

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