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What Does Motorcar Mean?

Moscow, Istanbul, Bogota, Mexico City and Sao Paulo had been the world’s most congested cities in 2018 based on INRIX, an information analytics firm. Since the Twenties, practically all cars have been mass-produced to fulfill market wants, so marketing plans often have closely influenced automotive design. It was Alfred P. Sloan who established the concept of different makes of vehicles produced by one firm, known as the General Motors Companion Make Program, so that buyers may “move up” as their fortunes improved. The meeting line style of mass manufacturing and interchangeable elements had been pioneered in the united states by Thomas Blanchard in 1821, on the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts. This concept was significantly expanded by Henry Ford, starting in 1913 with the world’s first transferring assembly line for automobiles at the Highland Park Ford Plant. “wheeled car” or Middle English carre “two-wheeled cart,” both of which in turn derive from Gaulish karros “chariot.” It initially referred to any wheeled horse-drawn automobile, corresponding to a cart, carriage, or wagon.

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