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The purpose of liming in eucalypt (Eucalyptus spp.) plantations are to govern the pH of soils and to offer Ca 2+ and Mg 2+ , to acquire larger yields and to avoid deficiencies of those nutrients. Exhaustion of these nutrient in soil may be a problem, especially for Ca 2+ , which is removed in harvest (approximately a hundred seventy five kg ha −1 in a 7-years rotation) (Smethurst 2010;Gonçalves 2011). However, the corrective effect of liming is restricted to the surface layer as a end result of low solubility of the neutralizing chemical species CaCO three and MgCO three (Vitti et al. 2008;Raij 2008). Further acquire is anticipated by utilizing sludge coupled with a complementary dose of mineral N and P fertilizers. This intensification of management (e.g., Smethurst, 2010) may reduce the length of crop cycles and enhance forest sustainability and financial returns, because the rotation length of plantations can be shortened. However, there is no information relating to the interactions between sludge and N and P rates to estimate the capability of sludge to replace mineral N and P fertilizers in a planted forest.

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